Friday 17 April 2020

7 Accessory that every gamer needs

Being a PC gamer, you would know the amount of time and money has been put into building the right set up.
Every gamer wants to stand out in gaming, knock-off others, becoming a better player than before.
Whether you are a competitive ranked climber or a casual player who just wants to run a few games to play with his friends, few additional accessories can help boost your gaming performance.
There are few gaming items that can improve your gaming and take it to the next level.
According to PcGamer and TechRadar each of the items enlisted plays an essential role in the overall gaming process, from mouse to mechanical keyboard, and from gaming chair to the headset.
A good big-sized mousepad is an essential gear. Your mouse just would not work as good on the surface of your table and sometimes stuck when you need it the most.
Many avid gamers prefer having an extended mousepad, long enough for both mouse and keyboard. This lets the player roam around the mouse around the surface without worrying about the off-surface area.
The mousepad is an essential gear for FPS gamers. In first-person shooter games, the players have to keep the sensitivity low and need a larger area of mousepad space.
If you go off-surface sometime when you get into your favorite game, and stuck at some point, have a good-sized mousepad.

If you have been playing competitive multiplayer games, you would know the importance and need of having a proper headset.
In multiplayer gaming at one stage when you try to communicate with your player but due to the mic's low quality or subpar headphones, you do not hear the commands or conversation.
Games such as Overwatch, Apex Legends come with their built-in communication system and chats; in these games, players communicate with each other and quickly coordinate with the rest of the members using mics.
So, you must invest in a good quality headset; this is as important as the right mouse, mechanical keyboard, and other essential gears in the gaming zone.
Like gaming mice, the gaming headset also comes in both wired and wireless. You can choose as per your budget and needs; they also vary in quality and some even feature detachable mics for those players who have a headphone already.
Headset holder:
Many of us think that having a headset holder is just a waste of money, an unrequired luxury. But, once you start using the headset holder and get to know its advantages, you would not play any game without it.
You know a cluttered desk is a nightmare for a gamer. Between the gaming mice, keyboard and monitors, we start leaving the extra accessory lying around. That's why it is uber important to find a way to organize all your gears in a manner that is accessible and simple.
Many gaming products manufacturing lines offer gamer to hang the headset on the top or beneath the desk along with other vital gears which are not currently in use, but you will need them anyway.
As I said before, it is like something you do not think you would ever need, but once you start using it, you would not know how you gamed without it.
Mechanical Keyboard:
Gaming without a mechanical keyboard is unacceptable, unprofessional, and showcases that you have not entered into a pro gaming zone. Typical membrane keyboards are for casual users who carry out their usual tasks using a simple keyboard. These keyboards wear out quickly, and keys just do not respond rightly.
The mechanical keyboards' keys come in different weight and sizes. They come to their own individual switches, allowing users to replace them individually. These keyboards endure the heavy workload and do not wear out despite consistent usage.
The mechanical keyboards often come with different combinations of features, volume adjusters, macro keys, and RGB Lighting for flashy effects.
You can customize your keyboard with different lights for better understanding and quick responding.
Gaming Chair:
Either you connect nintendo switch to laptop for playing games or a dedicated gaming pc. Gaming chair holds vital importance in the entire gaming setup. Without a comfortable, additional backport featuring gaming chair, you cannot run in long sessions. Most of the gamers spend the whole nights gazing their screens, in that scenario without a proper gaming chair, your back will start hurting.
If we had been discussing it a decade back, we had no option of dedicated gaming chairs. But, now many top lines are manufacturing a wide range of gaming chair featuring arrays of useful features which help your overall gaming process.
So, it is necessary to hunt for a gaming chair that supports your back and is comfortable enough for longer sessions.
I have seen many gaming chairs with back and recline support, have them on-board and give a boost to your gaming quality.
Having a webcam is even essential in a computer set up. Not only for gaming but for casual video chat with your friends and family member, you need to have a quality webcam.
In gaming, the use and importance of a cam is more than a casual user. Here you sometimes need to pick up the twitch streaming to see how the other top players are doing gaming. Choosing the right cam is paramount; the quality of the webcam varies with the price ranges.
Opt-with the webcams which come with their own built-in ring lights. The in-built ring lights enhanced the image quality for live streaming that is important for a video call as well.
A game controller:
Yes, many gamers prefer keyboards over the controller, and I am also included to the list. But, sometimes you feel much better with a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. If your statement is otherwise, you might not have played Rocket league? Can you play this game without a controller, and if you had, what were the results?
Though you may be using it rarely when the time comes you will be glad to have this. This is often quoted "Better to have and not need it than to need, and not have."


  1. According to PcGamer and TechRadar each of the items enlisted plays an essential role in the overall gaming process, from mouse to mechanical keyboard, and from gaming chair to the headset. Thanks sharing for sharing your hardwork.
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